Vijay’s ‘Beast’ releases to Poor Reviews

Vijay’s much-anticipated ‘Beast’ has been released, however, it has been met with mostly negative reviews among audiences and critics.

Vijay's 'Beast' releases to Poor Reviews f

"Has some style but very little substance."

Vijay’s much-anticipated Beast has been released to negative reviews among critics and audiences.

Directed by Nelson, The film sees popular Tamil actor Vijay play Veera Raghavan, a RAW agent at a shopping centre during Christmas time.

However, the shopping centre is taken over by terrorists who take the shoppers hostage.

The action film then sees Veera’s mission to rescue the hostages. At the same time, he ruthlessly takes out the terrorists.

Beast was released on April 13, 2022, to a lot of hype, with theatres packed.

For some viewers, the hijack drama and high-octane action struck a chord as well as the acting performances of Vijay and Pooja Hedge.

One fan said: “I absolutely loved Beast!

“I really feel Nelson has balanced mass and class in this constantly engaging entertainer. A whole new Vijay with the same amazing energy.

“His attitude and swag were too hot to handle! Brilliant action sequences.”

Another said: “A fantastic entertainer with all the right elements.

“Vijay owns every scene. Stylish and classy intro, superbly written comedy scenes and slick action sequences with a solid score by Anirudh Ravichander.”

However, after watching Beast, many have been left disappointed.

A lot of criticism was directed at the film’s second half, with one person saying:

“Stunts were good, Vijay is energetic as usual but post-interval, the movie is a disappointment.”

Another viewer said: “Vijay looks smashing and there are a few funny lines but those are not enough to save a weakly written screenplay with weakly written scenes and characters.

“Has some style but very little substance. Disappointed.”

Beast also disappointed critics, with many criticising the weak script.

The Hindustan Times said the film is still worth the time to see but it is “underwhelming”.

“This is Vijay’s most stylish film but it’s also one where the style supersedes substance so much that you can’t enjoy it after a point.

“If only the stylish treatment was strongly complemented by good writing, especially a stronger antagonist, the film wouldn’t have disappointed in places.”

Meanwhile, The Hindu wrote: “Much like Sivakarthikeyan in the previous outing, Vijay is aloof and expressionless.

“But unlike that film, he prefers to use more brawn than brain… which is among the big problems of Beast.

“The writing is a big letdown, especially in the second half after the hostage situation gets under control, and the lack of a strong villain to challenge the lead sticks out sorely.

Beast comes across as a very rushed job, when the director and team set out to make a film within a limited time frame, thus running out of ideas.”

According to The Times of IndiaBeast has a promising start but the film is let down by poor writing and a weak antagonist.

“The director seems to have banked entirely on his star to carry the film, but with a script that hardly offers him anything to work with, even Vijay can only do so much with his star power.”

Although Beast‘s reviews have largely been unfavourable, many are still expected to see the film given the amount of hype surrounding Vijay’s latest.

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