Ranveer Singh pays tribute to Johnny Depp at Red Sea Film Festival

As he collected an award at the Red Sea Film Festival, Ranveer Singh paid tribute to his “screen idol” Johnny Depp.

Ranveer Singh pays tribute to Johnny Depp at Red Sea Film Festival f

"One of my screen idols is in the house"

Ranveer Singh paid tribute to Johnny Depp in his awards acceptance speech at the Red Sea Film Festival.

The Red Sea Film Festival kicked off its third edition in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a slew of stars in attendance.

Ranveer received The Red Sea: Honoree Award and was presented with the gong by Sharon Stone, who described the Bollywood star as “an all-round creative genius”.

She said: “I had the exciting pleasure of meeting Ranveer before, what a great guy.

“It gives me genuine, great pleasure to welcome him to the stage to receive yet another prestigious award.”

Ranveer accepted the award and said:

“I want to thank my beautiful fans the most. They have been my driving force. They inspire me to push my limits and strive for greatness.

“To find that moment of truth, that is invaluable.”

Ranveer spotted Johnny Depp in the audience and took the time to pay tribute.

Ranveer said: “I want to go off-script for a moment here. One of my screen idols is in the house, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Johnny Depp.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean star appreciated Ranveer’s gesture as the actor continued:

“My good sir, I’ve followed your work since Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

“What an honour to be receiving this in your presence.

“Thank you for everything that you’ve unknowingly taught me about the craft, sir.

“Master of transformation, versatility, something that inspired by you.”

Ranveer and Johnny also posed for a picture together and fans loved the moment.

One said: “So lovely to see these two connect! Love Johnny Depp.”

Another wrote: “The best.”

One comment read: “Omg, I’m dying fangirling.

“Ranveer Singh and Johnny Depp is the collab of my dreams.”

Ranveer has several films in the pipeline, including the Don reboot.

His casting has been met with scepticism but at the festival, Ranveer Singh talked about becoming the new Don.

He said: “I’m hoping to make Don my own and give it my spin, my interpretation.

“It is the handing over of the baton of one of the most loved and revered franchises of Hindi cinema. The significance of that is not lost on me.

“When the announcement was made, as expected, it came with its share of scepticism.

“But throughout the history of cinema, this has happened. Even as recently as perhaps when the Bond franchise changed hands and they announced Daniel Craig as the new Bond, it came with its fair share of scepticism. So, this is only natural.

“Taking the baton forward in this franchise and continuing the legacy of two of our greatest superstars – the significance of that is not lost on me.

“So, I will give it my best shot and you will see the very best of me and I will put my best foot forward for Don undoubtedly.”

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