KL Rahul says Athiya Shetty’s Family is Scared of Her

During a relationship quiz about each other, KL Rahul revealed that Athiya Shetty’s entire family is scared of her.

KL Rahul says Athiya Shetty's Family is Scared of Her f


"the whole family is afraid of you.”

KL Rahul has revealed that Athiya Shetty’s entire family is scared of her.

The couple got married on January 23, 2023, in a low-key ceremony at her father Suniel Shetty’s farmhouse in Khandala.

In a YouTube video by Vogue India, the newlyweds participated in a relationship quiz and answered questions about one another.

Athiya and KL Rahul divulged some fascinating insights about their relationship and were open and honest about their love story publicly for the first time.

Among the juicy details divulged, KL Rahul revealed that Athiya Shetty’s entire family is afraid of her.

However, when asked afterwards to identify who is more stubborn, Rahul and Athiya both pointed in the same direction.

Rahul laughingly remarked: “Ask anyone. Anyone who knows both of us will tell you that it is her.”

KL Rahul was questioned by Athiya Shetty about who in her family she is most afraid of and who she feels the closest to. The dedicated husband responded by saying:

“You’re the closest to your mother, and the whole family is afraid of you.”

When asked who of the two drives better, Athiya gestured to Rahul.

To which, Rahul commented, “she does not know how to drive”, while Athiya jokingly confirmed that she would not put anyone’s life at risk.

But when asked who of the two was the funnier, Rahul said that it had to be him, and Athiya retorted:

“I think it’s me. Maybe we should have a vote on set today on who’s the funny one.”

They were questioned again later on in the chat about who apologised first after a quarrel.

Athiya immediately said that she is usually the one to apologise first.

But when asked who started the relationship by saying “I love you” first, the couple both began to deliberate.

After some thought, Athiya said: “I don’t remember, you?”

Rahul added: “It would have been me… I think it’s me.”

KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty made their first public appearance as a married couple on January 30, 2023, when they went out for dinner.

Athiya chose a blue and brown-hued patterned blouse that was oversized for the occasion and wore it with denim leggings.

Rahul, on the other hand, was seen dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

The pair cheerfully posed for the photographers waiting outside the restaurant and smiled.

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