Jan Rambo clarifies Wife’s statement about Having Sons

Pakistani actor Jan Rambo has clarified what his wife Sahiba meant when she spoke about not having daughters.

Jan Rambo clarifies Wife's statement about Having Sons f

"I can’t explain my point to people."

Pakistani actor Afzal Khan, better known as Jan Rambo, has spoken about his wife’s controversial statement about not having daughters.

He has been married to actress Sahiba since 1997 and they have two sons together, named Ahsan and Zain.

One son has recently made their acting debut.

The couple came under fire in 2022 when Sahiba’s statement about not having girls went viral.

People interpreted her statement as though she did not want daughters because she was afraid of their destinies.

In a recent interview, the couple explained what the statement actually meant.

Sahiba said: “I talk with my heart but I can’t explain my point to people.”

Her husband added: “Once Sahiba was crying even before the birth of our kids, I asked her, ‘Why are you crying?’, she said ‘I am so scared of daughters’ fates’.

“I cry a lot on the Rukhsati/marriage of any random girl (daughter), I am very sensitive.”

Jan also claimed that sons do not care about their parents in the same way that daughters do.

He said: “Sons are yours till their marriage but daughters would love you all their life.”

Their statement led to trolling and on Good Morning Pakistan, Sahiba said the criticism upset her because her statement was taken out of context.

She told host Nida Yasir that she is grateful to Allah for blessing her with boys because she felt girls faced pressure from society and were unable to live their life as they pleased.

The couple previously appeared on The Talk Talk Show where they candidly spoke about their personal life and shared their words of wisdom about how to live a successful married life.

Jan Rambo said:

“If there is a fight between the couple, it should be kept secret.”

“The families of the couple should not know about the fights because there are always people who don’t resolve the issues give the heat to the issues.

“It is very dangerous, the family also has different kinds of people, not all people are friends.”

Sahiba added: “I would like to address the girls that they should not be impressed with the luxurious life of other ladies, never feel influenced by friends.

“If you like good habits of other girls, you must adopt those habits but getting impressed with bags, Jewellery, clothes should not be done.”

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