Indian Man says Body is Magnetic after Covid-19 Jab

In a bizarre case, an Indian man from Odisha has claimed that his body has turned magnetic after having his Covid-19 vaccine.

Indian Man says Body is Magnetic after Covid-19 Jab f

"I could not believe what I saw"

An Indian man has claimed that his body has turned magnetic after having his Covid-19 vaccine.

The strange incident happened in the Balasore district of Odisha and it comes as other people claim the same thing has happened to them.

Auto-rickshaw driver Rajendra Mohapatra has said that his body has turned magnetic. This has led to him being called ‘Magnet Man’.

He said that he heard stories about people who developed magnetic powers inside their bodies after having their Covid-19 vaccine.

This made him curious and he had his first vaccine dose on April 26, 2021.

Rajendra claimed: “Hearing them talking about the extraordinary change in bodies being experienced by some people, my curiosity grew.

“I wanted to try to find out if I have developed that kind of unnatural power.

“I had my dose on April 26. I initially put some coins and spoons on my body.

“I could not believe what I saw – they all clung to my body.”

The Indian man initially did not believe what was happening, thinking that it was sweat that was causing the metal objects to stick there.

Rajendra continued: “Like many, I also did think that it might be due to sweat.

“And to rid myself of this idea, I dried up my body completely and then tried again to be sure if there is any veracity in people’s claims.

“And, this time too, the coins and spoons stuck to my body.”

Family members also tried to stick steel and iron items to his body so that they could see for themselves. To their astonishment, the items stuck there.

In addition to Rajendra, some of his relatives who have been vaccinated also claim to have had magnetic effects.

Although Rajendra should have had his second dose, he is yet to do so.

As news of his claims spread, people from his home village of Malyani and nearby villages travelled to see Rajendra and to witness the phenomenon.

The bizarre incident has also left many villagers scared.

Some believe that the magnetic change is because of the vaccine, deterring them from having it.

However, there has been no confirmation that the vaccine and magnetism are linked.

In another incident, a man named Arvind Sonar from Maharashtra also claimed that his body had developed a magnetic power after receiving his second jab.

Despite the magnetism claims, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) said it is common to experience side effects like mild headaches, pain or swelling, but not magnetic reaction.

It added: “Do not fall prey to misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines and get vaccinated.”

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