Indian Man applies Eyeliner with Knife doing Bridge

In an incredible feat, an Indian man from Madhya Pradesh applied eyeliner with a knife while performing a bridge.

Indian Man applies Eyeliner with Knife doing Bridge f

Dikshant explained that he is aware it is risky

An Indian man performed an incredible feat when he applied eyeliner using a knife while performing a bridge.

The incident happened on December 16, 2021, in Betul, Madhya Pradesh.

The man did the stunning performance on Vijay Diwas. It is commemorated every December 16 to celebrate India’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 Indo-Pak War.

The 2021 occasion was the 50th anniversary.

In Betul, a celebration was organised by ex-servicemen.

During the celebration, one man performed a bridge. Meanwhile, a knife was propped up and it had eyeliner on the blade.

Attendees nervously watched as the man put his head closer to the blade, applying the makeup to his eyes while facing it upside down.

The astonishing performance left people surprised as they could not believe how steady the man remained on his hands and managed to apply eyeliner without injuring himself.

The man is named Dikshant Sahu, a 25-year-old graduate. He is also a gymnast.

Dikshant was also seen performing the same gymnastics technique, this time lifting needles with his eyelids.

It is reported that he learnt the skills of lifting needles from his eyelids and applying eyeliner with a knife since he was a child.

Dikshant explained that he is aware it is risky as one mistake could result in severe injury but he said he has mastered it through constant practice.

His gymnastic accolades have seen him win gold medals on the regional circuit.

The Indian man is now set to take part in the national competition.

On Vijay Diwas, the Betul community took to the streets to celebrate the event and to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

Meanwhile, there were a number of celebrations taking place at venues.

Children received education about the war as well as books explaining the cultural significance of it.

Attendees sat and nervously watched Dikshant as he arched his back and faced the knife upside down.

He moved his head closer to the blade and carefully applied eyeliner to both eyes, prompting applause from the crowd.

Dikshant also lifted needles from his eyes.

At the event, retired General Sandhu attended as a chief guest.

He joined the Betul-based ex-servicemen and their families as well as the families of the soldiers who were killed during the war.

General Sandhu also watched Dikshant’s performance and was left in awe.

Watch the Indian Man’s Performance


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