Concerns Rise over ‘Mysterious Disease’ Deaths in Karachi

A number of people in Karachi have died after contracting a mysterious disease. The incident has led to a rise in concerns.

Concerns Rise over 'Mysterious Disease' Deaths in Karachi f

they do not know what had caused the deaths of their loved ones

Approximately 109 people in Karachi were taken to hospital after contracting a mysterious disease. The patients were taken to Jinnah Hospital.

This comes as the number of unknown deaths in Karachi sharply increased again as hundreds of people being brought to hospitals as either critically ill or dead.

The patients were brought into hospital in a critical condition. However, 90 of the patients died.

A source also told Urdu Point that three to four dead bodies were being brought to the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Karachi on a daily basis.

Indus Hospital also reported similar cases.

This has led to citizens becoming concerned as they do not know what had caused the deaths of their loved ones and was infecting many others.

While the priority has been to treat those with Coronavirus, this mysterious disease is a new concern as it has led to a significant increase in deaths.

It was reported that private clinics are refusing to treat anyone suffering from a disease other than Coronavirus.

At the present moment, there are over 6,900 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan with 128 deaths.

Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Executive Director, Dr Seema Jamali, requested that the Outdoor Patients Departments of private hospitals must be opened for the treatment of patients.

While there has been a rise in concerns, Dr Jamali stated that there is no need to sensationalise the matter of unresolved deaths in Karachi.

Dr Jamali told ARY News that the number of deaths in Karachi has increased as more bodies were brought to the medical centre.

However, she said that there is no need to sensationalise the matter as a lot of poor people visit government hospitals.

Dr Jamali added many people are risking their lives by visiting hospitals amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

She was questioned on testing the deceased to see whether the ‘mysterious disease’ is Coronavirus. Dr Jamali said that tests cannot be carried out on a body and that overall testing for the virus is low in the Sindh province.

Dr Jamali explained that the standard operating procedures are set by the government for the burial of a Coronavirus patient.

The government urged citizens to follow their advice to prevent the likelihood that they would also become infected.

Currently, it is not yet known what caused the deaths of the 90 patients.

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