She Keeps Him Waiting

She Keeps Him Waiting

Succulent pieces prepared for marinating tossed until coated.

Petals interlaced strung together by nimble fingers.

The milk is gently warmed aromatic from the perfume of rose.

The dream of her tender skin enveloped in silk.

The heat intensifies all the flavours, smoking yet unburnt.

No remedies for his burning anticipation.

Sizzle away until the juices cling engulfing the thighs.

Time has become his foe and stands malevolently still.

Layer upon layer are the pounding depths of flavour.

His mouth waters in desperation for a taste.

The tiny sparkling saffron immersed, delicately within.

He will endure all hardship to harvest his crop.

Both warm and floral it is enticingly gentle yet assertive.

He waits, he struggles, and his desires grow in vigour.

Under the heat, he simmers away allowing the rise.

Her soft footsteps finally approach.

Separate and enjoy the culinary delight.


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