About Us

DESIblitz Arts is a digital platform created and owned by the multi-award winning publication DESIblitz.com which publishes editorial content related to British Asian lifestyle with a South Asian theme.

Having developed over hundreds of writers, journalists and video producers in digital media, DESIblitz.com has acted as a tremendous catalyst to help kick-start careers and jobs. Especially for those with ethnic and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Using this success, DESIblitz Arts has been created to engage ethnic creatives and to give them access to a large audience to showcase their work.

The concept of DESIblitz Arts was realised after many writers from DESIblitz.com, and members of the British Desi community, were looking for somewhere to publish their fictional short stories, poems and vertical comic strips that would reach a well- established target audience.

It became clear that a dedicated, diverse and inclusive platform was needed to help create and support a community of like-minded writers, artists and creatives.

DESIblitz Arts is a digital space which has been made for this exact purpose.

We want writers and digital artists to share their work with us and our audience, whether it’s powerful prose or beautiful poetry that deserves to be read, vertical comic strips that need to be seen, DESIblitz Arts is here as a platform where you could get your work published and where you can become part of a new creative writing  family. 

We are open to receiving submissions from all genres of short fiction, be it ‘slice of life’, romance, fantasy or science-fiction; to incredible poetry which depicts South Asian themes; to vertical comic strips which are fun or serious – either way we’d love to hear from you.

Most importantly DESIblitz Arts is completely free for creatives and community alike. 

To submit works you can visit our How It Works page.


Equality of access to the arts, and equality of opportunity of careers in the arts and journalism for young people and minorities.


To support minority communities to experience, understand and create meaningful and ambitious art and journalism.



Working to meet the needs of the community and of the cultural sector, building bridges based on trust, knowledge and understanding.


Recognising that our world is facing unprecedented global environmental challenges, and doing everything in our power to contribute to raising awareness of and addressing these challenges.


Always striving to improve the quality of beneficiaries’ and our own artistic output, always seeking to increase our positive impact upon the stakeholders we serve


Leading with integrity and embracing diversity, fairness and responsibility.