Consensual Play

Consensual Play

The blindfold of silk tied lovingly to provide that sensory deprivation.

Her touch becomes a magnified tingle, electricity between her fingers.

Unbeknown to the submissive is what will happen next.

She cracks the whip as his pulse races.

He can smell how close she stands, listening closely to steel tipped heels.

She secures his ball gag, ‘not a word from you my dear’ she says.

All fastens are secured and tightened just how he likes it.

She thrusts her magic wand as he delights a whimper.

‘Abhi, abhi, mujhe dijiye!’ And still she denies him climax.

This edging is her intoxication, drinking in exhilaration.

She calls him her sybian saddle and kisses him softly.

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