Midnight Moments

midnight moments

The glistening morning dew fills the air with droplets of anticipation.

When will the moment come, his senses impatiently wait.

Bustling breakfast and running children do not distract.

Saturated with longing for the cool breeze of her silent look and tender smile.

Can his forest floor resist being enveloped by her alluring precipitation.

Her delicate perfume sheaths his mind, this will be his unfastening.


The tablecloth is being set yet his eyes fixate on her falling ebony locks.

Laden with delicate shells of pani puri and sweet, sweet chutney.

She gently cracks her shell and fills her mouth.

Captivated by her lips, he is rendered motionless.

A gentle caress to glance upon her slender wristwatch.

When will this daytime hour cease to be?


Fourteen hours of an eternity till her return, even the scorching sun is more forgiving.

As short blades of grass they embrace as they leave for two separate vehicles.

His seductive breath on her neck evaporates beside her ear,

She calls out “hurry up children” and bites her lip.

A firm pull on his lapels and she kisses him goodbye.

He whispers, “my darling, this evening”.


The rustle of keys being inserted, this Shasta daisy can wait no more.

Tiptoes hurry down the stairs as quicky as petals in the breeze.

With only her anklet bells to call him her pollen is released.

Her floral chimes ignite his senses as her chiffon gown floats behind.

Her bare silky legs submit his briefcase to the floor,

Completely entwined their midnight appears.

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