She Is His Kindle

She Is His Kindle

Rustling beneath the pressed white sheet.

The moment he awakes, she brings his smile.

The berries in the basket are as inviting as the beholder.

His strong hands caress the cherry from its stalk.

Her delicious bare skin sweeps beside his ear.

A gentle arousing whisper and his cherry falls.

Her warm yet electrifying breasts hypnotise his stare.

Desperate to quench his thirst for her the basket topples.

The juice spills slowly over the glass surface, dripping melodiously.

Blueberries and grapes crush as they press against her back.

In heated passion together they marble the sheets.

Entwined she trembles in pleasure.

He tastes every inch of her teasing torso.

Her throbbing massage soothes his every fibre.

She is the pulsating blood running through his veins.

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