Pollinating Home

pollinating home poem

The luscious petals of trade with eye catching stripes of commerce,

singing out in the vibrant rays of a new land stand provocative.

Sitar strings echo like distant stamens.

Her kohl adorned eyes buzz with excitement as her golden yellow wrap follows,

dancing around new opportunities and never before encountered fragrances.

Rings of Khatak formed in air.

Travelled over fields of land and sea, past the hedgerows of friends and family,

flying she is enveloped by the pollen of a new life, a new culture, new roots to plant.

Under and over she floats besides her bull and cart.

Her love for life has insatiable passions to explore,

craving that delectable sweet, sweet freedom.

Jalebi entwined intricacies.

Thankful for every drop of experience, she works relentlessly,

arousing her every fibre, she delights and thrives in this meadow.

No splitting bamboo in sight.

Her tiny feet savour the breeze of success,

loving seeds fall down into a depth unknown.

Ovules rejoice in new creations.

This is her home from home.

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