FAQs - DESIblitz Literature Festival

FAQs - DESIblitz Literature Festival

  • Can I Ask Questions at Events?

    Yes. We do encourage the audience members to ask questions during the Q&A aspect of events. However, some events may be performance-only, which means asking questions will be difficult during ...

  • What Social Media Handles Do I Use?

    To share your experience at events you can use @desiblitz for Twitter, Instagram and Threads for these social media platforms.

  • Is Photography Allowed at the Events?

    Yes. You can take photos or record videos on your smartphones or personal cameras at any of our events. However, you are advised not to disrupt the event while doing ...

  • Is There a Dress Code for Festival Events?

    No. There is not a dress code for our events but smart or casual attire is welcomed.

  • How Early Should I Arrive Before the Event?

    It’s advised that you get to the venue about 15 minutes before the event is due to start. This allows the team to help you get seated and provide ample ...

  • Are the Venues Easy to Get To?

    Every venue for every event has been chosen with ease of accessibility or a location that is convenient to get to. Events are either in the city centre of Birmingham ...

  • How Do I Book Tickets?

    You can book tickets by clicking on buttons or links on this website that say ‘Get Tickets’. This will take you to the ticket booking page for the event on ...

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