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Here’s the deal: we know you might never have considered yourself in banking before. Maybe you’ve never considered an apprenticeship either. Don’t worry. Barclays Apprenticeships are open to anyone of any age (as long as you’re over 16) with the spark of ambition to succeed.

And that’s really all you need. We’re not asking for any experience or qualifications at all at Foundation level, and there are only a few things we ask for at Higher level. So, you might be fresh out of school or you might have been unemployed for a long time. You might even be retired, or just looking to change careers. Whoever you are, you can find your path with us.

What sort of paths are on offer?

We offer two key opportunities: Foundation and Higher. On both programmes, you’ll balance a paid Barclays role with academic study, with all your tuition fees paid by us and personal mentors to help you learn. Choosing the programme that’s right for you all depends on you and where you are in life.

On the Foundation course, you’ll spend between 12-24 months working in a real paid role within our bank, while you study for A-Level (or equivalent) qualifications. Then, you’ll graduate to our Advanced course, where you’ll start to build more focussed skills in the areas you’ve explored so far.

For slightly more experienced candidates, there’s our Higher programme. Our Higher Apprentices choose from a range of different specialist areas, from Internal Audit to Relationship Management. Whichever you pick, you’ll spend 3-4 years working on live projects in that department, whilst also studying for relevant degree-level qualifications and professional accreditation.

Who are we looking for?

Like we said, we’re open to all sorts of people from all walks of life. You could be 16 or 61; leaving school or returning from parental leave. You might have a disability or a mental health condition, or you might be transitioning from the military.

What unites our apprentices is their potential. It’s a tricky thing to define and you might not even think you have it – but we’re experts at identifying it. It’s the will to make the best of an opportunity; to work hard and learn, even if you’re a total beginner, and even if things haven’t gone well for you up until now. If you’re ready to succeed, we’ll support you.

For our Foundation programme, that ambition is all you’ll need. We don’t ask for any other qualifications or experience.

For our Higher programmes, you’re training at a slightly more experienced level. To do that, we’ll look for that same spark of potential, but you’ll also need ONE of the following:

– 80 UCAS points (or predicted) from 2017 onwards

– 200 UCAS points pre-2017 (check your UCAS points here)

– a year’s work experience

Not your average apprenticeship

Ready to take the first step that changes your future? Ready to build from strength to strength, from A-Levels to degrees to maybe even studying for your Masters – all while you work, debt-free? Then we want to hear from you, whoever you are. Join us and you’ll see, we’re not your average apprenticeship.

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Posted 3 weeks ago