Asian Father locked his Teenage Daughter in Room

A Bradford father is facing charges for locking his 18 year old daughter in a room as well as assaulting and abusing her. DESIblitz reports.

Bradford Father - Zakar Hussain Shah

Claims also revealed that he abused and assaulted the teenager

Zakar Hussain Shah, a father from Bradford, has been accused of locking his teenage daughter in her room, monitoring her actions and limiting freedom.

The 44 year old father from Girlington made his appearance at the court on the 17th of August.

Shah is under indictment of ill treating his 18 year old daughter, Umay Shah, Bradford and Keighley Magistrates court heard.

The charge professed that Shah was repeatedly controlling and being forceful to his daughter, reported the Telegraph & Argus.

Claims also revealed that he abused and assaulted the teenager, with the intention to threateningly send her to Pakistan.

Further allegations were made that Shah showed constraining and commanding behaviour to the teenager, between December 29 last year and June 29 this year.

This included locking the young girl in the family house and monitoring her movements.

The court also heard that Shah tracked her contact with others and even controlled his daughter’s finances.

Shah pleaded not guilty to his claims of beating and assaulting his daughter and denied the accusations that were made against him.

He was additionally charged of possessing controlling behaviour in the family relationship.

Shah, again, denied this allegation, which is a serious offense under the Serious Crime Act 2015.

He will now face a trial and the coercion charge will be dealt with by the magistrates or at crown court.

Prosecutor Adam Walker, who stated that this was a difficult case, said it was suitable for summary trial.

Amarpal Singh, the acting solicitor of Shah, commented that the case was a fairly new offense, but the magistrates’ powers were sufficient to deal with the case.

The Bench also agreed that the case was rightful for a summary trial.

A new trial date has been fixed on October 17th at Huddersfield Court, where Shah will appear for a hearing. 

Shah, who no longer lives at his family address, has been currently granted bail.

However, he has been released on the condition that he will have no contact with his daughter.

Gayatri, a Journalism and Media graduate is a foodie with an interest in books, music and films. She is a travel bug, enjoys learning about new cultures and lives by the motto “Be blissful, gentle and fearless.”

Image courtesy of Telegraph & Argus

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