Asian Woman finishes Road Trip from UK to India

An Indian Woman has finished a road trip from the UK to India. With 32,000km over her journey via the Arctic Circle. She is the first woman to do so.

Asian Woman Finishes Road Trip From UK to India

She is the first woman to achieve the distance of 2,792km in the Arctic regions

An Indian woman has completed an impressive solo drive from the UK to India. Covering 32,000km over her journey, and travelling the Arctic Circle, she left in September and finished on Sunday 20th November 2016.

Bharulata Kamble is originally from India. She started off in Luton and ended her journey in New Delhi, India. Kamble also covered a distance of 2,792km in the Arctic Circle. She is the first woman to achieve the distance of 2,792km in the Arctic regions.

Kamble travelled a total of 32 countries. She travelled through Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany and so on.

On September the 23d, Kamble went through the Arctic Circle. Here, according to the Times of India, she drove near to 700 km a day.

She also went up a 307-metre cliff at Nordkapp. Here she spread out the Indian Flag beside the Union Jack.

Kamble said of the Arctic side of the drive: “The drive was scary for a number of reasons, including being the only driver on certain patches of road.

“Most of the time, the road had a high cliff on one side and a steep drop to the Arctic Ocean on the other. It was dark and chilly.”

The Indian origin Kamble was part of a programme organised by Maharashtra Information Centre. Whilst travelling, Kamble spread a message regarding education for girls.

It was a rocky road for Kamble, but she has now become the first women to complete the journey in the Arctic Circle . On completing the impressive feat, Kamble had her husband’s support. She said:

“I could overcome the difficulties such as hostile weather conditions, lonely roads, rules and regulations in different countries due to my willpower. My husband too encouraged and backed me in this endeavour.”

Her husband, who is a surgeon, funded her journey. All the donations Kamble received during her expedition will go to two UK-based charities and two in India.

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Images courtesy of Bharulata Kamble

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