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  • Miss Pooja Wallpapers

    Get these amazing wallpapers specially vreated by DESIblitz.com of Miss Pooja!

    Miss Pooja, a Punjabi folk vocalist from India rise to fame has come at the right time. Not only has she inspired others to take up folk singing. But she is fast becoming a worldwide name that people want to work with.

    A DESIblitz wallpaper special presents a set of uniquely created gorgeous and cool Miss Pooja wallpapers for your desktop.

    These photos were taken by DESIblitz.com photographers when we interviewed Miss Pooja in the early days of her incredible career as a Punjabi singer who has many hit songs and appeared in movies too.

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    DESIblitzer is the resident creator of graphical gems. His creations are added to our Downloads section giving you freebies like no others! Producer of unique and appealing visuals, he says 'visual graphics should always express your emotion, beauty and colour.'


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